NZ’s only nationwide medicinal cannabis service provider with clinics in Auckland, Tauranga, Nelson, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin & Queenstown.

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider


The CannaPlus+ Story

Behind every successful clinic is a team of expert doctors, that’s why here at CannaPlus+ we had a unique checklist when choosing our physicians to fulfil our mission.

Not only were we looking for leaders in their field, but also a team united by a real desire to make a difference in everyday Kiwi’s lives.

At CannaPlus+, we boast a carefully selected team of renowned, highly qualified senior consultants with specialties across multiple fields including oncology, palliative care, dermatology, acute and chronic pain, inflammation, gut health, joint issues and muscular pain.

We are committed to cater to a broad spectrum of patients across a breadth of health concerns.

About us

CannaPlus+, New Zealand’s first internationally affiliated Medicinal Cannabis clinic network and telemedicine platform.

Delivering Kiwis the experience and credibility needed to allow them to feel safe and comfortable to make their own choices, with a Medicinal Cannabis clinic they can trust.

CannaPlus+ has partnered with the CannaWay Clinic, international industry leaders in Medicinal Cannabis patient care.

Together, CannaWay and CannaPlus+ form the mandate to bring the highest level of medical care to comprehensive medicinal cannabis treatment plans with patient care at the centre of every action we take.

We support Kiwis through our telemedicine platform, no matter where they are.

The values behind what we do

Interested in your treatment options?

At CannaPlus+, we’re committed to bringing the highest level of medical care to provide comprehensive treatment plans, with patient care at the centre of every action we take.

Get a complimentary call with our Registered Nurse

We have our registered Nurse available to answer any questions including; using vaporisers, Workplace practices, low-cost alternatives, and medicinal cannabis options.