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4 considerations to finding the right dose for Medicinal Cannabis

Patients use medicinal cannabis to manage a wide array of medical conditions. Depending on the condition, they might be prescribed various products and formulations, each with different concentrations of THC or CBD. Additionally, there are numerous delivery methods, including inhalation (vaping), oils, creams, and sprays. All these variables can make finding the right dose a challenge. Therefore, we at CannaPlus+ highly recommend consulting with an experienced physician who understands the medicinal cannabis landscape to effectively manage your medical conditions.


Selecting the Right Medicinal Cannabis Product

Your doctor can assess all aspects of your symptoms, medical history (both current and past), lifestyle, and experience to devise a comprehensive plan to manage your condition. This plan should consider the method of delivery and the effectiveness of specific terpenes, naturally occurring compounds found in medicinal cannabis.

While only a few terpenes have been thoroughly investigated, many have demonstrated promising medicinal properties, such as anticancer, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antihyperglycaemic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic effects [1]. Therefore, knowing which terpenes are present in different products is crucial.

Understanding the Titration of Medicinal Cannabis

The effectiveness of your treatment plan heavily relies on a process called titration. Titration involves adjusting dosages to meet individual needs, optimising therapeutic effects while minimising potential side effects.

Your physician guides titration protocols to achieve precise dosing in medicinal cannabis. These protocols can differ significantly based on an individual’s requirements.


Staging Medicinal Cannabis Dosing

Many individuals may need various products at different times throughout the day to manage their symptoms. These recommendations are typically provided during your consultation. However, it’s ultimately up to you to decide which product(s) you want to use.

For instance, some patients may require a product that allows them to be ‘present’ during the day without the psychoactive effects of a THC product, which can be supplemented with a CBD product, depending on individual circumstances.

Differentiating Between Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis


As illustrated above, it would be nearly impossible to accurately measure the effectiveness of cannabis if the source, composition, and concentration of the cannabis are unknown. This makes it unlikely for recreational cannabis to be used as an accurate means of managing medical conditions, as each dose could vary significantly. Conversely, medicinal cannabis prescribed in New Zealand undergoes rigorous testing protocols to ensure standardised metrics for batches that are known to the user. This allows experienced physicians to create effective, personalised treatment plans.


Conclusion: Pulling it All Together


Finding the right dose involves considering several important factors that are carefully assessed by your physician when prescribing medicinal cannabis. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide your physician with as much information as requested to facilitate an informed decision on the product, dosage, and protocol best suited for you. 

At CannaPlus+, we are committed to helping our patients understand their options and make decisions that best meet their needs and promote their overall well-being


    1.  Russo, E. B. (2011). Taming THC: potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects. British Journal of Pharmacology, 163(7), 1344-1364.


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Effective Medicinal Cannabis dosing

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