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Use this booking pathway if, under your current Insurance Policy, you are able to claim your consultation costs with Southern Cross or NIB


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Book with our Clinic booking platform.

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You will be taken to the pre-payment portal. 

Step Three:
Make your appointment payment through our secure portal to confirm your booking.  You will receive a confirmation email to confirm the booking.

Step Four:
Once payment is received, we’ll email you a tax invoice which can be used to to submit a claim to your insurance provider.

Please note:

If you are undertaking this consult to pursue a prescription for a Flower product, please note that our doctors can only prescribe this for use via vaporizers. 
– If you already own a vaporizer, our Doctors may request to see your device to determine its suitability. 
– If you do not own a vaporizer, a complimentary consult will be booked for you with our Medicinal Cannabis Vape Consultant to determine the best vaporizing device for you.

All flower product prescriptions are only dispensed with a vaporizer or after your existing vaporizing device has been sighted by our doctors.


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We believe everyone should have access to quality healthcare. This is why our fees are the most affordable in the country.


Step One: Book with our Clinic booking platform

Step Two: You will receive a confirmation email with a payment link.

Step Three: Click on the payment link, and make payment through our secure portal to confirm your booking. 



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We have our registered Nurse available to answer any questions including; using vaporisers, Workplace practices, low-cost alternatives, and medicinal cannabis options.