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“CannaPlus provides recommendations of a select group of peer-reviewed, clinician-only supplements as a conduit for your medicinal cannabis prescriptions.

Our firm belief is that our patients may benefit from a combination of prescribed medication and adequate supplementation to improve overall health.”

Dr Afraz Adam
Chief Medical Officer

Dr Afraz Adam

How to order your supplements.


Add the products that you would like to request into the cart and order through the checkout. This information is then sent to our pharmacist who will review your order.


Our pharmacist will prepare your supplement order.


Your products are then prepared and shipped directly to you. Simple and fuss-free.


To reorder supplements, simply use the repeat prescription process that you would otherwise use for medications. There is no limit to supplement repeats.

Mushroom Extracts

Mushroom supplements are a natural and effective way to benefit from the powerful nutritional compounds of mushrooms. They are an ancient remedy used in many traditional cultures around the world and have been used for hundreds of years for their medicinal properties.

Mushroom supplements are beneficial for immune system health, cognitive health, and digestive health, and can even help with anxiety and depression. They have antiinflammatory, anti-tumour, and antimicrobial properties which can help with a variety of health issues. 

Mycology Research Labs
Hericor-MR 100g

Mycology Research Labs
Hericor-MR 250g

Mycology Research Labs
Triton-ML 90 tablets

Mycology Research Labs
Hericium-MRL 250g

Mycology Research Labs
Coriolus-MRL 250g

Stress, Anxiety and Mental Health

Numerous members of our clinical team have worked extensively in holistic healthcare for a number of years, working with their patients to improve general well-being through nutrition and supplementation.

We have collated a number of their highly recommended supplements to support the treatment of stress, anxiety, fatigue and inflammation.

NanoCelle D3+K2 for Immunity Support

Seriphos Adrenal Support
100 caps – $77.25

ProOmega for Cellular Support
90 Soft Gels – $99.95

Sleep Supplements

Sleep disorders are our most common presenting ailments. making up 30% of our patients. 

When it comes to overall well-being it is hard to look passed sleep as the most important aspect of a long and healthy life. 

Tri-Mag Restful Night Lemon/Lemonade 

Pain Relief Supplements

Pea Supreme 300 (42 Caps)

Inflammation, Fatigue, Longevity

Chronic Inflammation and fatigue can affect everyday life and can have a direct correlation to poor healthspan – living in poor health. 
Through improved lifestyle factors we can help to reduce chronic inflammation and fatigue. 


Seriphos Adrenal Support
100 caps – $77.25

ProOmega for Cellular Support
90 Soft Gels – $99.95

Get a complimentary call with our Registered Nurse

We have our registered Nurse available to answer any questions including; using vaporisers, Workplace practices, low-cost alternatives, and medicinal cannabis options.