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Southern Cross Affiliated Provider

Dr Willem van der Merwe



Dr van der Merwe is very excited in joining our team from a life long career in Emergency Medicine for the last 25 years. He completed his medical training in South Africa, and completed his Post Grade training in Urgent Care and additional Emergency medicine here in Aotearoa.

He has been, like many other Doctors, frustrated by the limitations of treatment modalities and options for his patients that do not respond typically to “traditional” or “mainstream” pharmaceutical medication.

He is seeing first hand on a daily basis the devastation of prescription medication like codeine, other opioids, anti-inflammatory’s, antipsychotics and steroids on the body, with significant harm and little benefit.

Passionate about improving quality of life, especially in our older communities who are on multiple medications, some to treat the side effects of the other medications. Chronic pain is physically and mentally devastating as we get older and it is his ultimate goal to have a very holistic and safe approach to this part of our community.