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The rise of the Vaporiser: Why smokers should be considering vaping as a method of delivery

Why use vaporisers for Medicinal Cannabis?

Starting your medicinal cannabis journey can be confusing, how in a world of unsurpassed ease and information at your fingertips, why does Cannabis seem to be getting less and less simple?  Let’s break down the barriers and explore a world of remarkable simplicity and advantages by embracing the use of a vaporiser for your medicinal cannabis.

Supercharged Efficiency

Experience a whole new level of efficiency compared to traditional smoking methods. While smoking is what many may be used to, it introduces harmful elements like tar and smoke alongside the cannabinoids and terpenes that you are actually looking for and that have therapeutic benefits. By gently heating cannabis to a lower temperature, vaporisers extract the active ingredients without undesirable by-products. Studies have shown that vaporisers can deliver a remarkable 40% more cannabinoids to your bloodstream compared to smoking, amplifying the goodness while bidding farewell to the nasty bits of combustion.

Healthier hits

Say goodbye to concerns about smoking-related health risks! Smoking cannabis exposes your lungs to tar, and smoke, and has the potential to release up to five times as much carbon monoxide as an equivalent amount of tobacco. All of this contributes to a potential impact on your respiratory health. Fear not, as vaporisers have your back. Research published in “The Lancet” has illuminated the increased risk of lung cancer associated with smoking cannabis. However, switching to a vaporiser significantly reduces these risks. By eliminating harmful elements, vaporisers offer a healthier option for your lungs and overall well-being, giving you a breath of fresh air on your medicinal cannabis journey.

A whole new consistency

Embrace a consistently effective experience with medical-grade vaporisers, leaving behind the unpredictability of smoking. Factors around how you consume Cannabis such as your smoking/consumption method can affect the amount of cannabinoids and terpenes you receive.  People have different preferences when it comes to the various traditional ways to consume, whether it be non-filtered smoking (like a joint) or through a water diffusion system like a bong. However, with vaporisers, it’s a different story altogether. These ingenious devices grant you precise temperature control, ensuring even vaporisation of the good stuff every time. Bid farewell to guessing games and embrace a reliably effective experience, that’s much less likely to induce nasty coughing or nausea.

Next level discretion

Need to keep your cannabis consumption discreet? Vaporisers are the masters of discretion. They provide a low-odour and inconspicuous experience, making them the perfect choice for maintaining privacy in public or private settings. Whether you’re out and about or simply prefer a bit of personal space, vaporisers allow you to consume without attracting unwanted attention. They become your secret ally for consuming medicinal cannabis without the prying eyes of the world.

Versatility Plus

Vaporisers are the ultimate chameleons of the cannabis world, adapting to your specific needs and preferences. Using a medically approved vaporiser like the Mighty Medic gives you unbridled access to single-degree increments of temperature control, granting you the freedom to choose what suits you best. Whether you prefer a more earthy flavour with a more sedative and euphoric effect, or a more nuanced flavour profile with an uplifting and cerebral effect, vaporisers have you covered. It’s all about versatility, catering to your unique tastes and medicinal requirements.

Vaporisers have revolutionised the way we experience medicinal cannabis. These remarkable devices offer enhanced efficiency, promote healthier consumption, provide consistent experiences, offer discreet usage, and adapt to your preferences. Why settle for anything less than the best? Elevate your cannabis journey while prioritising your health and happiness. It’s time to embark on a new level of satisfaction and well-being.

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