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What to Expect & What does a Medicinal Cannabis Consultation Entail?

As medicinal cannabis acquires recognition for its potential therapeutic benefits, more people are exploring their treatment programmes having exhausted all other traditional medicine options.  Before going on this road, however, it is critical to understand what a medicinal cannabis consultation comprises and what to expect. In this article, we will guide you through the key aspects of a medical cannabis consultation, so you can feel prepared and informed. 


Understanding Your Needs

A medical cannabis consultation begins with a complete review of your medical history, present condition, and treatment goals. This first step lays the groundwork for a tailored and effective treatment plan. The healthcare professional giving the consultation will undertake an in-depth discussion, asking specific questions to acquire a thorough understanding of your individual needs. 


1. During the appointment, the healthcare professional will go over your medical history, paying special attention to pertinent data such as past diagnoses, treatments, surgeries, and prescriptions. They will question any chronic diseases, mental health challenges, or other underlying health issues that may have an impact on the treatment plan. This full review enables the healthcare practitioner to determine whether medicinal cannabis can be used to supplement your overall care.


2. You will have the opportunity to convey your treatment goals and expectations during the consultation. This could include pain relief, inflammation reduction, improved sleep, mood enhancement, or addressing particular symptoms related to your illness.  This will help our doctors work with you to make sure any potential treatment plan supports your desired outcomes.


3. The doctor will ask about any previous treatments you’ve had, including both traditional and alternative therapy. This aids in evaluating the efficacy of past therapies and identifying any potential gaps or places where medical cannabis could serve as an alternative where other options haven’t worked well for you.


4. In addition to your primary ailment, the healthcare professional will look at any underlying health issues that may have an impact on the treatment approach. This involves investigating allergies, drug sensitivities, cardiovascular health, liver function, and mental health issues. Some underlying conditions may impact the safety and appropriateness of including medical marijuana into your overall therapy, for example, people who are pregnant or breastfeeding are also unable to be prescribed medicinal cannabis. 


5. To acquire a comprehensive understanding, your doctor may question your lifestyle and personal characteristics that may influence treatment outcomes. This could include talking about your job, stress levels, exercise routine, eating habits, and any substance usage. These variables contribute to a thorough evaluation and assist the healthcare professional in developing a well-rounded treatment plan that considers all aspects of your health and well-being. 


It is critical to create a trustworthy and confidential environment throughout the session. Your personal information and medical history are kept private and safe since the healthcare practitioner is obligated by confidentiality laws and ethical standards. This trust is essential for encouraging open communication and collaboration during the consultation and following treatment procedure. 


Education and Information

After the session, the doctor will provide you with important medical cannabis education and information. This contains a description of its possible medicinal benefits, the several forms available (such as oils, capsules, or inhalation), dose alternatives, and administration methods. To ensure that you are well-informed, you will also be given information on potential side effects, hazards, and legal implications. 


Assessing Eligibility

Your eligibility for medicinal cannabis will be determined by a doctor based on the qualifying conditions recognised in your jurisdiction. They will decide whether your ailment matches the criteria and will go over the potential advantages of medicinal cannabis in managing your symptoms


Creating a Treatment Plan

Once your eligibility has been determined, the doctor will work with you to design a personalised treatment plan. This plan will detail the particular medical cannabis products, doses, and administration techniques that will best address your symptoms and treatment objectives. It may also include suggestions for future changes to your current therapies, if necessary. 


Dosing and Administration Guidance

You will be advised on dose and administration methods during the consultation. The doctor will explain how to begin with a low dose and progressively increase it to achieve the optimal therapeutic level, a process called titration.  They will also go through the various methods of consuming medicinal cannabis and provide guidance on proper usage, storage, and any precautions to take. 


Monitoring and Follow-up

Regular monitoring and follow-up appointments are essential for tracking your progress and ensuring that the treatment plan is still effective and safe. Follow-up visits will be scheduled by our team to check your response to medical cannabis, address any concerns or side effects, and make any required adjustments to optimise your treatment outcomes. 


Collaborative Approach

A medical cannabis consultation is a thorough and personalised experience tailored to your individual medical needs and treatment objectives. You are invited to ask questions, express any concerns or desires, and actively participate in treatment plan decision-making. This collaborative approach guarantees that your therapy is tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

You may expect a personalised treatment plan that incorporates medical cannabis successfully after a thorough assessment of your illness, education, and collaboration with healthcare professionals. Understanding what to expect from a medical cannabis consultation allows you to approach the process with confidence, allowing you to make informed decisions and go on a path to better health.

Contact us or schedule an initial consultation with one of our qualified doctors today and take the first step towards personalised care and well-being. Your health and wellness are important to us, and we’re here to help you get there.

Medicinal Cannabis Consultation

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